Love Machine

Or, to give the full title ‘The Empathy Revolution Love Machine.’ Below is a clip from its first experimental outing at the Art With Me festival in Miami in 2022.

Above. The Empathy Revolution Love Machine in Miami, flanked by the two towers made by Shrine, the artist who made this entire thing possible.

This is an installation/ performance/device designed to remove fear, trauma and other unwanted mental programming from participants.

A participant chooses one of a selection of random objects and then recits out loud a form of words, an incantation:

‘With the benefit of all and harm of none, with love and gratitude, I place all accumulated fear and trauma into this object I now hold. This is my command’

Then after a moment of concentrated focus, the participant enters through the arch and places the object in a basket at the feet of the ‘Golden Elephant of Love’ where the information encoded by the declaration will be deleted, transformed, decoded back into its base format, which is love.

The participant then leaves the space through a very small arch draped with flattened cans. This saves the new settings and seals the deal.

This was an experiment at first, but proved to be so successful that I have been determined to repeat this in as many ways and formats as possible. People reported feeling much lighter when emerging from the installation. Effectively participants are practising magic upon themselves, magic in the sense of altering one’s personal reality by using thought, intention and action (or ritual). None of this is news to top level athletes or sports psychology, but I simply provide the framework and apparatus for people to do this for themselves.

I have many other declarations to do with love, money, unworthiness, guilt, etc but fear and trauma are the primary barriers which much be lifted from us if we are to thrive, as a species, and as a fully realised symbiotic ecosystem, in which humans are careful, loving custodians, instead of the desperate exploiters we are currently. This is the Empathy Revolution, and it is underway.

Below is the pop-up version in Camden Lock, London.

Pop up Love Machine in Camden Lock, London

In the pipeline is a large, semi- automated Love Machine built into a large elephant form.