Pure Love Transducers

The Pure Love Transducers are elephant sculptures with crystals embedded over which I have meditated and programmed with the instruction to take the energy which surrounds us in our environment and transduce, or re-emit this energy in a frequency of pure love. I recognise that to many this will seem like total weird woo pseudo- science bullshit, but there has been some serious research done by serious scientists in this field such as Marcel Vogel.

There is a lot still to learn about the power of crystals, water and the nature of information transfer, but my current level of research indicates to me that we live in a holographic world where consciousness primary and everything is information. Thought is the coding language of our physical matter reality, and love is the fundamental flow of energy.

Negative emotions are like knots in hair, they are still made of hair, and when the knots are removed the comb flows freely, but it is all the same stuff. If we can remove knots we can feel more love because more love energy can flow, for ourselves and the world around us.

The crystals are programmed with my thoughts. The crystals, like all things are merely code, or information. I simply add information to them, or an instruction. Through their ordered crystalline nature they can amplify this signal.

Pure Love Transducer No.3 No Batteries Required 2022